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Nutrition Conference, Day 3

All good things come to an end…. Tumeric boosts brain DHA levels and black pepper boost the bio-availability of tumeric 20X! Probably associated with the MUCH lower rate of Alzheimer’s in India…so cook with both spices together! Dental health: it is … Continue reading

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Nutrition Conference Day 2

Another packed day of great speakers. some tidbits: Higher Omega-3 levels are associated with 25% less Dementia/Alzheimer’s, or better brain health and function, as well as lower risk of cardiovascular heart disease. Japanese have 1/4 the rate of prostate cancer … Continue reading

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Nutrition Conference Day 1

Great talks today: Dietary Myths by Andrew Weil, MD. Gut Microbes and Optimal Physical and Mental Health by Justin Sonnenburg,PhD. Amazing how changing the diversity of gut bacteria is related to general health, and how diet greatly affects this. Eat … Continue reading

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