Learning from a Master


I recently returned from a homeopathy seminar with Farokh Master, MD in Bir, India – located near Dharamshala in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was a fairly intensive program of daily morning live cases at a clinic, followed by afternoon lectures with a total of 52 hours contact time.

The small one-room homeopathy clinic run by Spero Latchis Dhom had to be adapted to accommodate the 20 homeopaths attending from all over the world (USA, New Zealand, Austrailia, Egypt, Turkey, Austria, India…). So, the household above the clinic allowed us to use their space for the case-taking, tea breaks, and lunch. Patients would come with their medical records, sit by Dr. Master, and then he would interview the patient as we all sat taking notes, and worked on repetorizing the case. Sometimes a case would be done in 15 min, sometimes 30 min, with discussion after (and often during the case) as to remedies, posology, repetorizing, etc.


Make-shift clinic…at least covered from sun and rain.


Dr. Master and Dr. Barbara discuss while patient and her parents sit by.


The clinic is open and the students are ready.

After a taxi ride or a short hike down the mountain to the “resort” the afternoons were filled with lectures and discussions with Dr. Master in the dining area, using power point presentations. He encouraged questions, and fielded topics and discussions from all areas of homeopathy, gave detailed descriptions of some common remedies, and  gave some suggestions in our difficult cases. He practices classical homeopathy using mostly 150 of the most common remedies and is well-read in all of the classical homeopathy texts by other masters  in the field. He also has excellent knowledge of Freudian and Jung psychology, and often applies it to the evaluation of mental/emotional symptoms in the patients, even if only has underlying basis for understanding.

The patients were varied: Ptosis of the left eye, depression, fever for 2 months without diagnosis, knee pain, psoriasis, chronic cough, etc.  The three students that he mentors were with him from 6:30 a.m. to 10 pm at night every day…discussing cases, and getting some individual attention and teaching even beyond the long daily schedule. Overall it was a great experience, and inspired continuing study in the art and science of homeopathy.


About Dr. Greg Meyer

I'm a homeopathic physician, an urgent care physician, camper, hiker, traveler, and photographer. After Microbiology & Epidemiology, I studied medicine and more recently have become fascinated on how homeopathy can actually cure disease, or better said-how it allows the body to actually heal itself. I'm available for consultations in classical homeopathy. Check my website for more information.
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2 Responses to Learning from a Master

  1. Dennis Ryan says:

    Nice commentary Greg. How is life back in the desert?

  2. Belen Lopez says:

    to you: bonito!finally I could read them!

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