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My Favorite Pictures of 2010

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Oatman, AZ and Wild Burros.

Most people in Arizona have never heard of the little ghost town in the northwest part of the state. About 30 miles southwest of Kingman, Oatman, Arizona was a busy town when gold was discovered nearby in . The mine … Continue reading

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Foot Massage in Vegas

I took my nephew to Vegas while he was out for a visit on his Christmas break. First time for him, so walked the strip, checked out most of the hotels, saw a few shows, and I lost some money … Continue reading

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Homeopathy to Ring the Closing Bell at NASDAQ

The American Medical College of Homeopathy (AMCH) will be ringing the closing bell on December 29  at the NASDAQ stock exchange. This event is an opportunity to bring national recognition to homeopathy as well as to the American Medical College … Continue reading

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I’m better now, you saved me.

I saw a woman in the urgent care with an infected leg. She was obese, diabetic, and there with her friend. “My leg is infected again” she said. both legs were swollen, and had dark purplish skin over the front … Continue reading

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See More Shells and Eat Less Nuts – Portion Sizes

I was seeing a patient in the urgent care. She was there for back pain and leg pain. She weighed over 350 lbs. She wanted to know what to take for the pains in her knees. Rather than ignore the … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is…

I remember one Christmas in grade school when I wanted a microscope, and I got one. I remember because it was the same year one of my sisters got a little electic organ(and I mean little!), which is what she was … Continue reading

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The Quest to Capture a Meteor

With all the hype, I figured I better go out and try again. I’ve tried many times to capture a meteor with my camera. There were supposed to be 100 meteors per hour last night. That sounds like a lot … Continue reading

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3 Kids Get to Go To School

A follow-up to my post from a few weeks ago, “This Was Their Lucky Day.” Thanks to donations from a few friends, I was able to wire some money to Haiti, and 3 kids now get to go to grade … Continue reading

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The Science of Healing

I attended a movie screening in Tucson last night. “The Science of Healing” was shown at the beautiful Fox Theater, followed by panel discussion with Drs. Andrew Weil and Esther Sternberg. The film follows Dr. Sternberg to a village on … Continue reading

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