Blythe Intaglios


I have already tracked down the Intaglios near Bouse, Arizona and got some aerial photos with my drone. See pictures in prior post. So after reading about the desert markings near Blythe, I was itching to fly my drone over them for some photos. Here is some info about them from the internet:

These intaglios are about 15 miles north of Blythe, California, just off highway 95. There is a sign there, and not far down a dirt road the fenced-in etchings can easily be seen. They aren’t very impressive from the ground level… the drone comes in handy here. The largest human figure is 171 feet long.


not that impressive from  ground level

They were discovered in 1931.  In 1952, the National Geographic Society and Smithsonian Institution sent a team of archaeologists to explore the intaglios, and an article appeared in the September issue of National Geographic with aerial photos.  It would take another five years for the geoglyphs to be restored and fences erected in order to protect them from vandalism and damage.  It should be noted that there is visible tire damage on some of the geoglyphs due to the area being used for desert training during WWII by General George S. Patton.  Now they are  protected by fences and open to the public at all times as State Historic Monument No 101.

Since geoglyphs are difficult to date, it is impossible to know the age of when they were made, but they are estimated to be between 450 to 2,000 years old. In support of the latter, some of the giant figures are archaeologically associated with 2,000-year-old cliff dwellings.  However, newer research by the University of California, Berkeley has dated them to around 900 AD.


You can see my car parked at the end of the path on the main road.


The need for the fence is evident from from above.




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