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Influenza has no cure

So please don’t expect a miracle at the doctor’s. We don’t have any. Fluids, rest. Tylenol, Ibuprofen. Take a bath with some epsom salts. Eat some chicken soup. If you like drugs, take some-over-the-counter ones that you think may help … Continue reading

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Buddha Buddha Here’s a Buddha, There’s a Buddha

I think it is the latest rage, Buddhamania. He’s everywhere now….all over blogs like tinybuddha, buddhist blog rings, Buddha blog, even Buddha dog animal massage! The zen of it all. What’s the draw? Face it-Buddha is a cool dude. Just … Continue reading

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If it’s yellow-let it mellow, if it’s brown-flush it down

This was one of the rules where I stayed, near the Haitian tent camp last week. Although I was sleeping in a tent, I had access to toilets and to conserve precious water this sign was posted over the toilets. … Continue reading

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