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Ok, this is a little medical, but I am blogging about it anyway.  I recently read an article in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association how older people may still be not getting enough calcium, despite supplementation. (abstract is here.) These are people … Continue reading

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The gravity of the situation

Instead of hurting each other off, people should stop and start pondering the source of gravity. What’s that all about? Did you ever think about how bizarre gravity is? It’s never been explained! There is no reason for it. There … Continue reading

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My excuse to eat more chocolate cake

Not that anyone needs an excuse, ever. I baked a birthday cake for my girlfriend. Of course there is an ulterior motive-I love chocolate cake. I tried to customize it for her, adding in her favorite caramel syrup. I drizzled … Continue reading

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Results are in: Vegetarians are happier :)

Not only are vegetarian physically healthier, but a recent study has shown that vegetarians are happier too. The Journal of Nutrition study linked a vegetarian diet with a healthier mood.  According to the researchers at Arizona State University, the vegetarians in their … Continue reading

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