Exploring the slots….in Utah, not Vegas

We were hiking in the Escalante Wilderness area of southern Utah recently. With names like Peek-a-boo, Spooky, Zebra, and Tunnel– slot canyons are one of nature’s most unique formations, and are one of the most fascinating places to visit. I love the thrill of the unknown, not knowing what is around the corner, but at the same time I can get a little claustrophobic in some of these. There can be long stretches of twisting slots where turning around is nearly impossible. Usually a little “room” pops up just when I need it, or need to pass another person.

Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona is probably the most photographed, the most visited, the most crowded, and most expensive nowadays. There are other canyons nearby that are less visited, perhaps not as spectacular, but very beautiful just the same.

Never enter a slot canyon when there is any threat of rain, especially anywhere upstream. There is often no way out, and the power of the water thru the slot can be seen by the occasional log or boulder wedged overhead.

We did some long hikes of 5-6 miles thru sand, water, and slick rock, and always carried some Rescue Remedy, and Arnica montana for the unforseen accident. After 4 miles a couple pellets or Arnica 30c took away some of the ache in my calves, making the last mile a little easier to handle.

20140417_6391 20140417_6462 20140521_6836 20140521_6839 20140521_6889 antelope ray antelope2 copy cyndi in the slot cyndi standing in slot OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA waterholes slot

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Nehru Homeopathic College and Hospital, New Delhi

20140318_3967We were recently in New Delhi, and paid a visit to the Nehru Homeopathic College and Hospital, located in the city center. With only a short time before catching a train to other parts of India…..we had a brief, but informative tour. This hospital/college of homeopathy is completely government-funded, and completely free to the patients. They offer a 4-year training program in classical homeopathy, with 100 students graduating every year. There is a busy out-patient clinic, with specialities in skin, and ob/gyne being especially active.

Labs and Xrays are done in-house, as well as surgical gynecology procedures. The pharmacy prepares prescriptions for all of the out-patients, as well as hospitalized patients.

We were impressed with the detailed visit forms, as well as the attention to patient education, and general compassion for patients. Although homeopathy is making a strong comeback in the USA, we are far from having a strictly homeopathic hospital.

20140318_3981 20140318_3965


Full-service homeopathy evaluations.


Part of the in-house lab.


Male medical ward.


Patient sign-in area.


Pharmacy, caters to inpatient and outpatient prescriptions.


First floor of the hospital.


Ob/Gyne classroom for patient education.


Homeopathy Outpatient Dept


Sign outside the Obstetrics Dept. (People will often abort the child if it is not a male.)


The surgical suite.


Some patient in the male inpatient ward.


Some student awaiting the final score of their test.


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Feeling old?….try Pole Vaulting.



I recently visited my hometown and met up with a high school friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. It happened to be his birthday, and he invited myself and friends to watch him pole vault that evening. He makes a point to always vault on his birthday. He has been doing this for 40 years. (He is a young 55 now.) He was on the track team in high school, and loved the pole vault. As a hobby, he volunteers his time teaching and coaching pole vaulting. As seen in this video, part of his inspiration comes from a 90 year-old vaulter, Earl Bell. He does it because he loves it.

So we gathered on the farm where he lives, and on a beautiful September evening we witnessed something great – someone doing what he loves.

There is a lesson here. Find your passion – and do it. Something that gives you pleasure will stimulate endorphins, and therefore healing energy, and positivity. It will keep you young in the soul, and give you purpose.




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The Gathering of Healers

I recently was honored by allowing to speak at a interesting conference that took place in Fort Defiance, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation: The Gathering of Healers.
My topic was “Energy Medicine and Homeopathy”, which I was fortunate to be able to present on 2 separate days. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and who exactly would be attending. I was asked to speak by Vonn Hardy, wife of my long-time friend Mike Tutt, MD. (Mike and I trained together in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital….years ago.) Both Mike and I have come a long way since our IM training, Mike went on to study rheumatology, and is now Chief Medical Officer of the Ft. Defiance hospital. He is fluent in the Navajo language, and believes in, and has patients use, traditional healing methods as well as the usual allopathic drugs. I have had training in different alternative modalities, but my forte is now homeopathy.

Attendance was from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, and as far away as Germany. Prior to the start of the event was a Navajo Blessing ceremony, in a hogan, which I was able to attend part of. Sitting inside hogan in a circle, about 30 people listened as a Navajo medicine man spoke, blessing the event, the contributors, as the fire ashes burned sage. Each morning was a ceremony outside with Indian blessings, singing, and some drumming events also.

The end of the conference was a 2 hour performance of varies acts, my favorite being a Celtic Harpist, Dave Hoover. He plays beautiful music and he performs for hospitalized patients of all types in Albuquerque, New Mexico to ease pain and shorten recovery times. “Music therapy.”

The comments and questions after my talk were excellent. The following day one participant came to me and said he had never heard something explained so well, and wishes he had heard this years ago. That made it all worthwhile for me. Others wanted to know if there were homeopaths in there part of the country! and where they could find one.

A few pictures from the event:

20130823_5110 20130824_5033 20130823_5162 20130823_5149_50_51_tonemapped 20130823_5136 20130823_5130 20130823_5116

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White Knuckle Driving – My England Experience

27322 Weeks and 3500 miles. After getting my BMW diesel automatic (thank God) with built-in Navigation, I was following instructions out of the city to our first hotel near Bedford. It would have been very difficult without the calm English-accented woman in the Navigation computer calmly warning of which roundabout exit to take, and which roads to follow.

I got used to the left-sided driving fairly quickly. It was the roads, and the driving habits that made me exhausted…..

The smaller highways sometimes have curbs! no shoulders, no warning tracks….just jolt when you bump the curb at 60 mph. Country roads should have shoulders, not curbs.

Once off the major highways, most of the roads are winding the countryside. Again, no shoulders, and occasional curbs. At best there is a 6 to 15 foot hedge row that blocks any chance of seeing anything ahead. Worse case: a  5 foot high solid rock wall that has been there for 1,000 years. Sometimes the road is wide enough to paint lines. You have about 6 inches leeway on each side of your car. When a bus comes around the corner at 45 mph and you see his tires over that white line….you pray that your left front end is not going to kiss the rock as you swerve that way. For some reason, I noticed that shifting your whole body and twisting away to the opposite side while squinting and briefly glancing away at the possible moment of impact seems to help.

Polperro has very narrow and steep streets.

Polperro has very narrow and steep streets.

The little village of Polperro on the southwest coast prefers you park outside the village and walk in. Click here to see why.


Typical’ “2-lane” country road, not much of a shoulder!

Other times there are no lines. This is bad. It means the road is not wide enough for two vehicles. That doesn’t sleep to slow down the country buses and trucks. There are pullouts for long stretches, but for a short stretch of single lane road it is a squeeze play….and again pray. Check out a video here.

Parking is allowed with cars facing either direction. It’s not uncommon to suddenly see an oncoming car cross the lane directly in front of you to swing into a parking spot on your side. Freaked me out. And, because there are no shoulders or any extra room on the roads, even in towns…people just park on the road.  Not off to the side (there is no side),  just right on the road.

On the M-highways….things are great. 3-4 lanes each direction with great lane etiquette  No one cruising in the fast line at 55 mph. Immediately after passing anyone in any lane the cars go right back into the lane they were in. I could set the cruise control for 85, and still get passed by the occasional drivers doing 100, or more.

Happy trail....southwest England's coast.

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Memories in my vacuum

The top is dying in the sun, pulling memories from the roller

The top is dying in the sun, pulling memories from the roller


Yes, spring is here. It’s time to reminisce over the past year – with my Dyson. Remember the last time I talked about my vacuum? Well, this isn’t about the dirt, it’s about the hair. I love cleaning the roller. Don’t get me wrong, I like rinsing out the top half, seeing all the stuck on dust from months of cleaning wash away, revealing the shiny yellow plastic again. But there is something about getting down there in the roller, having to pull, spin, pull, spin. You have to work at it. No cheating using a knife…the fun is the manual pulling of the hair, and carpet threads wound so tightly around that roller.

There are still a few Max hairs showing up. They are shorter of course, intermingled with the other hairs and carpet pieces. I think about the good years we spent together, and about the other dogs I have had. The thin blond hairs, Cyndi is in there of course. Uh oh….what’s this? Beautiful long silky strands of black hair interwoven in the mix. They wrap around several times. If CSI were checking this out…maybe they would think there was someone else involved. No trace in the house, but the vacuum reveals it’s secrets. Who else has been here, who has stayed been in my living room and bathroom and left their DNA in my Dyson, their long beautiful hair…..

oh yea….how could I forget……




598486_10151171213139022_1095564827_n IMG_0007

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A Case of Warts

When we were visiting Puerto Vallarta recently, our friend’s little girl had a case of warts in her mouth. She was happy and playful as ever. I was told that the doctor had biopsied them a few weeks back, and then cauterized them away. The biopsy had come back as “papilloma” which basically warts caused by a virus. But, since that treatment they had returned, with a vengeance. They were now inside the right side of the cheek, gum, and roof of the mouth. My friend asked me if there was anything I could do.

I took a look, and there were at least 30 warts, soft round bumps covering inside the right side of the mouth and upper palate. She had a history of all vaccinations, but otherwise was in excellent health.

We were able to find some homeopathic remedies just a block away from the house, so I purchased a remedy in liquid form. Since we were leaving the following day, my instructions were to shake, and put 3 drops in the mouth twice daily. Let me know in a week if there if there are any changes.

Much to my surprise and delight, about a week later I got an email saying that “it is as if she never had the warts–they are all gone. Nikki’s recovery was really awesome and I’m eternally grateful to you for saving my daughter from embarrassment when she goes to the park to meet her boyfriends. No more “pimples” for her, thanks a lot!”

The remedy was Thuja 200c

Nikki is a 2-year-old yellow lab mix.


Nikki relaxing

Nikki relaxing

Nikki and Vallarta sunset

Nikki and Vallarta sunset

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