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What’s your poop number?

The Bristol Stool Scale was brought to my attention as a joke recently. It’s a real poop scale! After Dr. Oz and Oprah got everyone to look at their poops, maybe this is no big deal. I think it is … Continue reading

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My excuse to eat more chocolate cake

Not that anyone needs an excuse, ever. I baked a birthday cake for my girlfriend. Of course there is an ulterior motive-I love chocolate cake. I tried to customize it for her, adding in her favorite caramel syrup. I drizzled … Continue reading

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Results are in: Vegetarians are happier :)

Not only are vegetarian physically healthier, but a recent study has shown that vegetarians are happier too. The Journal of Nutrition study linked a vegetarian diet with a healthier mood.  According to the researchers at Arizona State University, the vegetarians in their … Continue reading

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See More Shells and Eat Less Nuts – Portion Sizes

I was seeing a patient in the urgent care. She was there for back pain and leg pain. She weighed over 350 lbs. She wanted to know what to take for the pains in her knees. Rather than ignore the … Continue reading

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The Science of Healing

I attended a movie screening in Tucson last night. “The Science of Healing” was shown at the beautiful Fox Theater, followed by panel discussion with Drs. Andrew Weil and Esther Sternberg. The film follows Dr. Sternberg to a village on … Continue reading

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I ate crow

I talked to my Dad the other day. He was cooking. He loves to cook, and gives the food to friends, and family. Maybe there was a Lion’s Club meeting–he’ll bring 2 gallons of homemade chili. He’s good at soups. … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast everyday, the best way to start your day. That’s what I heard growing up. And there is something to it. I was raised on Wheaties, whole milk, and a lot of sugar on top. Looking back, that probably wasn’t … Continue reading

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