Paint Names

I can’t imagine a job where you have to invent names of colors. It must be somebody’s job. How much does it pay? Is it part-time? I wonder if they have a “real” job too. Or is that insulting to them….”this is a real job.”

I can’t imagine they have any feeling of job security though. I mean, there are only so many colors. Once you name them you are done. Right? But it seems that every time I go to a paint section anywhere: home depot, Wal-Mart, Dunn Edwards, etc…the brochures seem to change, and there are new names for colors. Names that I could never think of.

Does each company have their own paint color namer? Or is it just one person that works for all the paint companies as a consultant.

I suppose each country has it’s own paint color namer. After all, the colors may be the same, but how is a person in Istanbul going to know what color Green Bayou is?

About Dr. Greg Meyer

I'm a homeopathic physician, an urgent care physician, camper, hiker, traveler, and photographer. After Microbiology & Epidemiology, I studied medicine and more recently have become fascinated on how homeopathy can actually cure disease, or better said-how it allows the body to actually heal itself. I'm available for consultations in classical homeopathy. Check my website for more information.
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1 Response to Paint Names

  1. Susan Gilbert says:

    Ohhh Soo Cool!! My Hubby has worked at Dunn Edwards Paints almost 14yrs! My Dad 40yrs!!!!! (retired now)….my Brother in law also works there, two of my Uncles did (retired)….& two of my Husbands Uncles!!! I asked my Husband does your company have it’s own color namer!?? He didn’t know…LOL! 🙂 Im sure he will ask now! 🙂

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