Homeopathy in Toronto

That’s right, I’m not in the USA. I’m attending a summit conference in Toronto,
Canada with a few hundred other homeopaths learning more about case-taking from Rajan Sankaran. Just around the corner from the venue, I saw this sign in a local pharmacy. How nice to see! Maybe someday we’ll see more of these signs in the USA.  In Phoenix, Arizona homeopathy is hidden in Whole Foods, Sprouts Grocery stores, and similar places-unless you know of our local medicinary. In Canada homeopathy is more main-stream obviously.

About Dr. Greg Meyer

I'm a homeopathic physician, an urgent care physician, camper, hiker, traveler, and photographer. After Microbiology & Epidemiology, I studied medicine and more recently have become fascinated on how homeopathy can actually cure disease, or better said-how it allows the body to actually heal itself. I'm available for consultations in classical homeopathy. Check my website for more information.
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2 Responses to Homeopathy in Toronto

  1. inna says:

    Thanks for sharing that Greg, and how lucky you are to attend this talk with Sankaran. I am looking forward to him coming to Australia one day to do the same here!
    Enjoy the summit 🙂
    Homeopathic practitioner in Sydney Australia

  2. Susan Dunn says:

    Someday ……maybe 🙂

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