The Deaf Leading the Blind

The deaf leading the blind

At this school– St. Vincent’s for Handicapped Children, the children are taught their value, what they can do. Everyone is important to someone else. So we see those with legs helping those who can’t walk. Ones who can’t see are led by kids who can see, but are deaf. And they are learning Braille, typing, etc. What is interesting is that when they come in to see one of the volunteer homeopaths, usually they never complain about the thing we notice first about them. The blindness, the limping, the missing arm is not why they are there to see us. It is because of headaches, eye irritation, stomach-ache or a rash. Your heart can not help but go out to help them. They are just kids, posing for the camera and hamming it up sometimes, but they have suffered so much already in their short years. The school is like a sanctuary. It is clean, happy, organized-much different from when you step beyond the gate to the clamor of the street, and outside world.

After a bit of organizing the many remedies, the kids are brought in. 2 or 3 cases are being done simultaneously in the crowded space. 2 interpreters shuttle between patients, and help try to convey the essence of what needs to be cured. Often the best remedy is chosen not on what they are saying so much as how they are saying it. Some have huge smiles and actively tell their story while another may just sit quietly, giving up a few words at a time. All are polite, and grateful.

They teach us homeopathy, they teach us how to live.

Homeopaths Without Borders

About Dr. Greg Meyer

I'm a homeopathic physician, an urgent care physician, camper, hiker, traveler, and photographer. After Microbiology & Epidemiology, I studied medicine and more recently have become fascinated on how homeopathy can actually cure disease, or better said-how it allows the body to actually heal itself. I'm available for consultations in classical homeopathy. Check my website for more information.
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17 Responses to The Deaf Leading the Blind

  1. Gary L White says:

    Thanks so much for these blogs. When you get to heaven, you surely won’t have to knock!!!! Gary

  2. ellie meyer says:

    Greg –This is a beautiful lesson for all of us. Such an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing and reminding all of us how thankful we should be. Love, Mom

  3. Susan Dunn says:

    What a wonderful way to spend your spare time. Way to go, brother.

  4. Sula Meyer says:

    We should be grateful for every minute of our stress free lives. Reading your blog reminds me of how blessed we are. You are doing an amazing job. Give those kids all the love you can.

  5. Yogi & Sue says:

    Greg, we are friends of your Uncle TJ. He has shared your wonderful blog with us. What great work you are doing. My distant cousin worked with equally poor and distressed children in Kenya while she was in the Peace Corps. I read all her emails from her homesick beginnings through her life-changing two years in Kenya. We know this work is life-changing for you, too.

  6. Evie says:

    Thanks for that Greg! Deeply touching….

  7. Colin says:

    As a scientist that has degrees in microbiology and epidemiology, I would think that the available evidence which you would clearly understand, shows that Homeopathy performs no better than placebo. In places where they are in greatest need, the giving of actual medicine will not only treat the symptom and “make them feel better” like a placebo, but it will in fact treat the underlying cause, as well as make them feel better.

    I think I would prefer the genuine medicine instead of the placebo (sorry Homeopathy).

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that that people need to feel better, and that allopathic medicine is very good at that. For instance I see people with terrible migraines on a daily basis, despite being on multiple medications to prevent them, and other medications to abort them. I give them narcotic at that moment to make them feel better, even if for a short time, at least until the next headache. How wonderful it is to give that person a homeopathic remedy that helps the person so much, that they no longer get the migraines at all, ever again. This is not a wishful idea. I have seen it with my own “scientific eyes”. I do not believe I “placeboed” their headaches away. And, I have seen many other people’s health improve dramatically, in both physical and emotional realms, enabling them to lead a more productive life, and also to be able to go off many allopathic meds, with their associated sided effects.

      As you said, I am a scientist, classically trained in Microbiology, Epidemiology, and Medicine. As a resident in medicine I had heard of homeopathy, but knew nothing about it and it sounded like just another fringe alternative, woo-woo medicine. Because I am a scientist, I think it is always important to remain open-minded, open to possibilities, to different ideas. I believe that if something works, then explore it more, use it if it suits you. If it doesn’t work, then move on to something else. This is similar to your scouting ideals that you believe:” So being objective, and logical when it comes to making a decision should be one of the first things that a scout should learn, and they should then pass it on to other scouts in their patrols, sixes, dens, packs or group.” – Sceptic Scouter (I was an Eagle Scout.)

      I know you can find lots of publications touting that homeopathy doesn’t work. And there are also papers that show positive results. One has to read between the lines and be an investigative reader. There is big money involved if a drug works. There is not big money if a homeopathic remedy works. I’m just saying results can be biased on desired outcome, in both fields. Rather than take suggestions from others, and their opinions, I find it more helpful for me to actually see for myself if something does or doesn’t work. I was a doubter, and now I am a believer, based on real facts, based on real patients, with documented medical conditions that have improved tremendously. I have seen children improve, and also animals—which means it is not a “belief” or placebo effect. And if you do talk to any patient that has been helped by homeopathy, they will agree.

      It is like believing everything movie critics say about a movie. You can agree or disagree with their opinion, but you need to actually see the movie yourself. Simple reciting back what critics say about the movie doesn’t make it an Oscar winner or a loser. How many people see the movie and whether they enjoy it and recommend it to others makes it a money-making hit, or a loser.

      Since the cholera epidemic is in the news, I should mention that one of the reasons homeopathy became very popular in the 1800’s was its ability to cure patients with cholera, as well as other epidemics in the past. For instance, in the cholera epidemic of London in 1854 the allopathically treated death rate was 59% whereas homeopathically treated rate was 9%. There are many documented instances of similar comparisons. Here is a convenient slide showing similar data. True, people that can get to IV fluids will be saved from dying of dehydration from cholera, and some need antibiotics also. But how easy would it be to get simple remedies to patients that are dying before they can even make it to a place for treatment? What if something bought them enough time to survive to get to allopathic treatment? What if giving some homeopathic remedy, (or any other form of healing) speeded recovery even while getting allopathic treatment? Wouldn’t that be complementary, and useful, helpful, and come under the Hippocratic Oath of “Do No Harm”?

      I think there is place for both allopathic medicine and complementary treatments, no matter what they are. I agree with you, that if something doesn’t work, then it should be abandoned, and a new approach taken. I think allopathic medicine has a definite role, and saves lives. But, through my first-hand experience I know that homeopathy can also help people where allopathic methods are lacking, or even help in conjunction with allopathic methods.
      Best regards…..

      • Maria Tadd says:

        Thank you for your work and convictions! You are a true inspiration and a wonderful example of what a free thinker can accomplish!

        I have been a student of homeopathy for decades and was cured of an ailment for which allopathic medicine has no drugs. I also use homeopathic remedies on my pets and am always amazed as to how well they fare. My puppy had colitis when he arrived – several doses of Sulphus 200C has cured him. Had he been treated by Western medicine, he would be on drugs for the rest of his life.

        Keep up the good work.
        May God bless you and the people of Haiti.

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  9. Cassandra says:

    If he won’t believe that there are other possibilities of healings out there than they surely won’t believe anything greater based on just faith. Reminds me of how it was by the faith of the people that they were healed and not their physical chemically related processes. God healed the leper, the menstrating woman, the blind, sick, paralyzed, and even rose the dead without chemicals (referring to the signs of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Being open minded is key.

    • Colin says:

      I wasn’t aware that menstruation needed healing, it is a natural process of bleeding that in general heals itself.

      My faith in my does not require evidence. However the science that governs the natural world demands evidence, otherwise it also is faith. I do not wish to put my faith in a therapy that does not require evidence.

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    Greg, I understand you are returning to Haiti to further your work. you are living
    proof that one person can make a difference in the world. It is too bad that we spend
    trillions of dollars killing people in other countries rather than using the monies for some type of true health reform in this country with enough left over to help those in other places. I enjoyed your analogy of the movie critics and the views some
    have of homeopathy, and being a cinema fan, could very much relate to what you said.
    So, please keep on helping those in need the way you think best! Que Dios te bendiga en tu viaje y en tu ayuda con la gente de Haiti!!!!!!!

  12. Aleksandra Wianecka says:

    What a fabulous individual you are? Trully inspirational and very intelligent. I am a second year student of a NY school of homeopathy. I am an optometrist trained like you in the traditional schools brought to homeopathy by treatment of my child by a homeopat. Homeopathy is the true medicine and if used more often people would not be so sick. How come with this great main stream medicine and drugs we have today people are sicker then ever? I also traveled to Haiti on a mission trip but to treat their eyes. (ignorant about homeopathy at that time). I just read your article in homeopathy journal about your labs. I have a black lab with severe allergies and I am looking for a vet homeopat to treat her. Beautiful article about your labs, what great friends and family they are. Thank you God for people like you!!!
    Aleksandra W. O.D.

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