Travel and a new perspective

Travel opens your mind. Travel is good for the soul. It gives you a new perspective; gets you out of your bubble,  out of the safe zone.

I have always had the travel bug. Not sure why – part of my “makeup”, or my homeopathy remedy picture I guess. Some people have no desire to go anywhere. We all know the stories of people that live in NYC but never venture to the Empire State Building. I know someone here in Arizona that has lived here their entire life, and has never been to the Grand Canyon. If people come from all parts of the world to see something, guess I just want to see it too, at least once. I also like to go to places that travelers rarely go to.

A friend and I made our way once to Yushu, China (devastated recently by an earthquake). We stayed with a Canadian school teacher teaching Tibetan kids English at the local school. The flat where he and his wife were living had an outside outhouse, and a well to haul water for cooking and cleaning. We took a bath by sitting in a tub, and pouring heated buckets of water over ourselves. Although they had electricity most of the time, the backup stove burned Yak dung for heat. And yet they were better off than most of the students they were teaching.  And – they were happy.  We helped teach a class for a day. The kids were thrilled. They were excited and shy at the same time- getting to practice English with someone from the USA. They don’t get visitors like that every day. The access from the nearest airport was a 14 hour bus ride, traveling over a mountain pass at 14,000 ft. The ride itself is a story.

Coming home from a trip like that can’t help but change you, for the better. It makes you realize what you have, and what you don’t have. What really makes you happy and content, what is important. And, what is extra, or a bonus.  The hot shower in my own bathroom…….I appreciated that more than ever.

More possessions more possessed. Less possessions, less possessed.

This is one of the reasons it is difficult for us to see how others view us, and to see what is really important in living a balanced life. Traveling always helps to keep things in perspective.

About Dr. Greg Meyer

I'm a homeopathic physician, an urgent care physician, camper, hiker, traveler, and photographer. After Microbiology & Epidemiology, I studied medicine and more recently have become fascinated on how homeopathy can actually cure disease, or better said-how it allows the body to actually heal itself. I'm available for consultations in classical homeopathy. Check my website for more information.
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1 Response to Travel and a new perspective

  1. Sula Meyer says:

    Thank you for sharing. I agree; travelling opens up a whole new reality. There is a lot to learn from other people and cultures. It is refreshing to see how simple things can bring people so much happiness, especially when in our culture people equate happiness to the amount of material things they have and thus remain unhappy.

    When you see how the rest of the world lives, you learn to count your blessings. It is time we learn to appreciate the little things that we take for granted.

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